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Progression in Creativity: Developing New Forms of Assessment

Progression in Creativity: Developing New Forms of Assessment

In Spring 2011, Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) commissioned the Centre for Real-World Learning (CRL) at The University of Winchester to undertake research to establish the viability of creating an assessment framework for tracking the development of young people’s creativity in schools.

After reviewing the literature on creativity and its assessment, and consulting expert practitioners, CRL created a framework for developing creativity in schools, and derived an assessment tool to trial in schools.

This tool comprised of 5 habits and 15 sub-habits of creativity:

Inquisitive (wondering and questioning, exploring and investigating, challenging assumptions)

Persistent (sticking with difficulty, daring to be different, tolerating uncertainty)

Imaginative (playing with possibilities, making connections, using intuition)

Collaborative (sharing the product, giving and sharing feedback, cooperating appropriately)

Disciplined (developing techniques, reflecting critically, crafting and improving)

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