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Scottish Music Centre

Scottish Music Centre

The Scottish Music Centre is a key player in developing Scottish talent both locally and internationally. Training sessions and outreach programmes, Scotland’s best online news and jobs service for the music industry, and a whole range of essential services, from publicity to website design, printing, digital scoring and recording.

Committed to real world education and training, and a whole host of projects has taken its expertise and insights into schools, community centres, towns and villages throughout Scotland.

These include 2007’s Phonik and 2008’s Phonik Outreach, aimed at developing the musical skills of young people between 14 and 25, first in Glasgow city centre and then in Govanhill, in a youth group aimed at youngsters who had moved to Glasgow from central and Eastern Europe. The inspirational Composer Sessions have introduced well-known musicians to a committed but brand new audience, and Sample This brought the high tech world of loops and Garageband to an eager set of would-be producers and samplers.

We are keen to promote successful learning through our education projects by using technology to enable dynamic workshops and sessions. In addition we often encourage those in our workshop settings to work collectively and also work as individuals to allow independent and group learning.

Throughout the Music Plus mentoring project we run, the young people who are involved are encouraged to manage their own meetings with mentors and be independent in their management of how they progress from the meetings, this creates effective & confident young people who can take responsibility for themselves.


Keith Beattie

0141 552 5222

City Halls, Candleriggs, Glasgow, G1 1NQ

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