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Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland is the national development agency supporting makers and promoting craft.
We put makers at the heart of all we do, championing diverse and high-quality contemporary craft. We help people learn about, appreciate and buy craft, promoting the contribution of craft to Scotland’s cultural, economic and social well-being.
Through the Learning programme, Craft Scotland offers opportunities for people of all ages to engage with contemporary craft and work with makers from across Scotland. The programme involves participants in creative learning enabling them to learn new skills from experienced makers and develop their knowledge of craft processes and materials.
As a partner for the Craft Council’s education manifesto, Our Future Is In The Making: An Education Manifesto for Craft and Making, we are committed to encouraging and supporting the next generation of makers. Craft Scotland runs a series of CLPL workshops for teachers to support the Curriculum for Excellence. These workshops enhance and support classroom learning by developing teachers’ practical making skills and introducing them to a range of material processes. In turn, this activity helps to widen access to tools and facilities within the schools as well as introduce new techniques suitable for the classroom.


Tanwen Llewelyn

0131 357 3288

Studio 6 & 7, Castle Mills, 2 Gilmore Park, Edinburgh EH3 9FN

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