Jump - parkour and physical theatre

Jump - parkour and physical theatre

A world-renowned programme of Parkour and Physical Theatre promoting positive mental and physical health, leadership and confidence in young people.
It is designed to support young people who wish to express themselves, through theatre, movement music, voice, dance, image dialogue, fashion, narrative and their own culture. Which is to our knowledge most young people, it is not just for those that study these subjects. It develops an appreciation of aesthetics and art forms used to tell the stories of young people.

It develops robust mental and physical health and wellbeing.
It develops leadership skills.
It’s for all ages but has most impact with young people who are making the transition from childhood to adulthood.
It is designed to be shared with an audience of peers and community.
It is explosive, thrilling, invigorating, original and compelling.
It is urgent storytelling, told through total and physical theatre.

It’s a call to adventure for you as a leader, educator, facilitator, artist or curious human.
“Jump” has been proven to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all who participate.


Simon Sharkey - The Necessary Space


+44 (0) 7889 625155

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