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Creative Teaching and Learning Graphic Equaliser Tool

Creative Teaching and Learning Graphic Equaliser Tool

The Graphic Equaliser was created by Education Scotland as an interactive tool for educators to explore and assess how creative the learning experience and teaching is. It offers an intuitive, organic means of quantifying the creativity in your own context.

As a team, in groups or even individually you can explore the polarised statements on the Equaliser and shade in the gaps that you feel best describes your own experience of the learning experience. You might shade a range in, meaning that the experience can be anywhere within the shaded area and varies, or you may find that some of the statements prompt a specific point on the graph.

The themes flow from one end to the other covering creative teaching, through creative learning to the creativity of the environment.

The tool will stimulate discussion, debate and encourage a greater understanding of creativity in the context of learning and teaching. It will also suggest areas where improvement is needed and possible.

You may also wish to empower your learners to complete the same exercise and explore whether their experience matches your own assessment of the learning experiences you offer them.

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